Friday, June 6, 2014

June Tapes

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Ala Vjiior 
    Detours & Details

driving through the fractured echoes of 2am soundtracks … dim lights piercing the night, reflected in the rearview … an afterglow left behind in the slow hours of morning… ((Cave-27))

  • C-20, Edition of 50
  • Pro-dubbed on cobalt 
  • Art by Ben

Charles Barabé 
    Adieu Fantôme

defiled symphonies of plundered sound and electronics…  tracks of unmoored melody and acousmatic delirium… ((Cave-26))

  • C-30, edition of 50
  • Pro-dubbed on cobalt
  • Art by Rob

Charles Barabé - Adieu Fantôme B from Charles Barabé on Vimeo.

Brian Beaudry & Gianluca Favaron

Brian Beaudry (vehscle) and Gianluca Favaron (ab’she, zbeen, under the snow) exchange field recordings and electronics to create a dialogue of texture and sonority, incident and improvisation. ((Cave-25))

  • C-36, edition of 50
  • Pro-dubbed on cobalt
  • Art by Rob

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